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A Little About Me

Thanks you for checking out my website. I'm Katie, owner and event coordinator at Pink Anchor Weddings and Events. I have over 8 years of experience in events and hospitality. I graduated with my Bachelors in Recreation, with an emphasis in Event Planning, at Western Illinois University. I started my career working for an event planning company in New York City. I then went on to work on cruise ships as an Activity Director (yes, it was a super awesome gig!) and have also worked in hotels and country clubs. 

My goal with Pink Anchor was to take the stress off the bride, the families, and friends of the bride and groom. We all think we can handle all the details of wedding day but there is just so much going on.  I come in and make sure everything is running the way YOU want it too and allow you to relax and enjoy your day! 

I do more than just weddings. I can work with you on any event you have coming up. My experience ranges from conventions to car shows. I can help with budgets, social media marketing, event concepts, logistics, staffing and much more. 

The other part of Pink Anchor is bridal events that bring people together in their community to share ideas, decor, and have fun! Planning a wedding is a crazy experience and can be stressful but I want brides to enjoy it and have a good time. By connecting people together, we create a strong community and you make lifelong friends too!

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A Little About My Pink Anchors

Pink Anchor represents my crazy, beautiful life.

PINK is for my three beautiful girls. They are my entire world; I want to show them having anything is possible with hard work. Being a working mother with young children is not easy but that is where my anchor comes in.

ANCHOR is for my crazy husband (hints crazy, beautiful life). I met my husband when we were both working on cruise ships. I walked into a crew area, saw him standing there and thought 'oh man, I really don't want to fall in love right now' but I knew it was over the minute I saw him. Fast forward six years and here we are!!  Not only is anchor a symbol for strength and stability, which he is, but it's also a cruise industry symbol. So that's how I came up with Pink Anchor! Cute, huh?